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    • We help the Charity Eco-System with recurring funding programs that focus on driving value to its donor base.

      We collaborate with Charities, Foundations, NPOs, Community Service Groups, Associations, Youth sports etc. to create programs yielding high returns relative to effort.

    • We help individuals give with impact through a Personal Giving Plan.

      Welcome! Whether you are a business or an individual, we can help you assess and enhance your corporate or personal social footprint.

    • We help the Charity Eco-System explore new ideas to deliver enhanced value to donors, supporters and sponsors.

      Be inspired by our innovative programs such as Coin for Causes and Essential Services Assessment and Savings programs.

    • We help business owners give responsibly and to strategically align to causes via a Corporate Giving Plan.

      What does your Giving Plan look like? You have more to give than you think. Let’s make a difference one life at a time by maximizing your corporate social footprint.

Helping foster & build relationships in communities where we live, work & play.

Corporate savings program
Dragon offers many special products and services such as ACN to help business to achieve better operating...
Coins for Causes
Coins for causes is an unique program designed to help organizations perform sustainable fund raising...
Charitable fund raising
Dragon fundraising specializes in hosting and managing charity events through Chips for Charity.